Thursday, 23 February 2012

Set The Bar High

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss
It, but that it is too low and we reach it

It’s not that achieving what your after is a bad thing but I guess what Michelangelo was getting at was that we either underestimate ourselves and our abilities or we most probably don't  believe in or trust ourselves enough to go beyond what we perceive is our limit.

I don’t see it as a problem if we set the bar at a reasonably low level to start with so we can build our self confidence, self belief and gain some experience at hitting our targets so we can know the feeling of being successful.  But, the next target should at least be in the pipe works if not already set and it has to bigger and better. Once you have built up some momentum there wouldn’t be anything better than to keep it going and smash your next target. It’s a bit like in sporting terms being in the “zone” or going through a “purple patch” while you are in it better keep on going and reaching higher and striving harder.

Now this might seem a little pessimistic but you won’t always get it right, you will screw up, fail, miss the mark, say and call it whatever you want but there will be times things won’t go exactly to plan and success will seem to have eluded us. This is where we get up off the floor, dust ourselves off and go again, but this time look at what went wrong and don’t repeat the mistake, simple. It may seem a bit too simple but it really is as simple as that, make a mistake, learn from the mistake, don’t repeat the mistake or mistakes, and go out and become a success. Back when I was playing soccer I remember our captain at the time giving his pre game talk and even though it was only a pre season game he said that winning was a habit so even a pre-season game was important to win to get in the habit of winning.  A bit like I said before about building momentum and going with it, so even if initially you start setting your goals low but keep bumping them up higher as you reach them you’ll get in the habit f being successful and you will keep striving for that feeling.

“There are two tragedies in life, the first not achieving everything you want, the other is achieving everything you want, and the latter is the biggest tragedy”. A lecturer quoted this during a class one day when I was at University and he said it was a quote from Freud, but then I have also read some where that it may have come from someone else. Doesn’t really matter who said it just that they nailed it and that it shows that we are at our best when striving for success.

Remember to always expect the best for yourself, because you deserve the best!

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