Tuesday, 24 January 2012

No Limits

There are no limitations except those you
acknowledge. Whatever you can conceive
and believe, you can achieve.
— Napoleon Hill

Our limitations seem to be learned, and placed on us externally rather than us placing them on ourselves. Though once they are set we tend to believe in them more than believing in our own ability to over come them and succeed.

Wanting to achieve or be something is one thing but truly believing in ourselves to be successful that is one of the major hurdles to overcome. I once had a teacher in high school who said "it's fine to reach for the stars, but just remember that when you don't reach them it a long fall back to earth". Holy crap and this from a person who is to inspire the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. That statement was said some 20 years ago (no need to guess my age, I'm getting old and I can live with that) but has stuck with me all that time. Not because it has a negative influence on me but the complete opposite, it has made me determined to make a mockery of this statement not just in my life but in the lives of anyone who is determined to reach the stars.
I know I may and most probably will fail on occasions, but the point is that I will get back up when I've crashed to the earth and start again. The way I see it, with reaching the stars or crashing to earth it's going to take me on a pretty cool journey.

Don't every let others place limitations, or their failures on you! You have the right to be as good as you want, achieve all that you want, and succeed in all that you do.

remember, Expect the Best, because you deserve the Best!

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Let's begin

Finally ready, well not really but the time has come to stop worrying about what I don’t know about blogging and just start blogging
Let’s start with what I mean by expecting the best. Expecting the best for yourself is not a matter of arrogance or over confidence, but instead the building of self-confidence and self-belief so that you can achieve everything and anything you want and also believing that you truly deserve to. The over whelming truth is that we all deserve the best and to not only be given the chance to reach for the stars but to reach the stars and along the way to help bring along as many people as we can to their summit.
So what I’m trying to get across is, that in order for us to get everything we want and achieve the very best for ourselves ( which we undoubtedly deserve) If we help others to get what they want, there’s a good chance that someone along the way is going to do the same for us. It’s about helping one another rather than competing against one another, we can do that through sport. But it is not about helping others get what they want and all the time in the back of your mind stressing about, “well when’s it my turn”. Like I said helping others merely because it is the right and good natured thing to do will have its desired affect on you, it may not seem like it right away but it will and you will be able to notice these subtle affects if you just stop and and take notice and not stress about “why am I not there yet.
We all want what’s best for ourselves so why not want the best for others too, I have no doubt there is plenty of good to go around!

Don’t forget you deserve the best, So Expect The Best!